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baby ocean sunfish
hey it's vee. my blog is mostly anime, cats, food, cute things, and a lil bit of kdrama/kpop
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Thank you for staying with me.

PSA: Hi everyone! Not that I post that often anyways, but I will probably be going on full hiatus soon, at least until this semester is over.


i can’t believe naruto, or as it’s more commonly known, anime, is going to end in a month. finally everyone will be free


me waiting for vixx concert info



Princess Mononoke + Green

TRACK NAME: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
ALBUM TITLE: Cheek to Cheek (Deluxe Version)
ARTIST: Lady Gaga


I was five and he was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

Download the album: